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Why do people in New Braunfels tint their car windows?

This is a question that R.P.G. Tinting & Clear Bra gets asked all the time. “Is tinting the glass of your car just to make it harder to see inside?” While that is one benefit of tinted windows that is often not the main reason people have the windows of their vehicle tinted.

The main reason is to make driving safer and easier. Sunlight and other very bright lights are not only annoying when you drive but they can be very dangerous. When you are going down the road it only takes a moment of blindness to allow for an accident to happen. But with an excellent tint job this worry will become a thing of the past for our New Braunfels clients.

And that is not the only way that tinting your windows can protect you.

Stronger Windows - Tinting your windows involves adding a film over the existing glass. This means that your glass will have shatter-proofing on all the windows that are tinted, not only the windshield. In the event of an accident the glass will not break apart and harm the passengers.

Save your upholstery - Having window tinting performed on your vehicle will save the life of your upholstery. UV rays from the sun will over time breakdown the chemical compounds which produce color in a variety of fabrics, leaving you with unattractive and faded upholstery. Tinted windows can stop this process by blocking UV rays and add years to the life of your upholstery.

Save your skin - UV rays are not only harmful for your car’s interior but they also damage your skin. UV rays increase the signs of aging and prolonged exposure has been linked to skin cancer. A well done tint job on your car or truck will protect you from these harmful rays.

Keep your cool - Every car owner knows that a car can become very hot when it is left out in the sun. The right window tint can reduce the heat inside your vehicle by up to 60%.

We proudly install Xpel window film products, FX High Performance, Color Stable and Crystalline.

If you live in or around New Braunfels and are looking for a provider of quality auto glass tints then come in and see the professionals at R.P.G. Tinting & Clear Bra.

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