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Paint Protection Films

R.P.G. Tinting & Clear Bra is the best source in Seguin for 3M Paint Protection Film. We are always happy to help the people of Seguin protect their rides. We are the only authorized dealer in Seguin and are fully Certified by 3M to install their Paint Protection Film.

Why use Paint Protection Film – Clear Bra?

Today’s automotive surfaces are more complex and more susceptible to damage than ever before. Paint is more prone to chipping, due to the more advanced aerodynamic and designs and the modern car is now much larger than its predecessor – whilst parking spaces are smaller.

In the past, people used to install those black vinyl masks to protect the front of their cars. These stood out like a sore thumb and would cause damage to the paint. Then came the first- and second-generation paint protection films. These films provided protection; however, they weren’t very flexible or clear. They typically stopped midway up the hood and would become brown within a few years. Enter the modern era of paint protection film. These films are very clear, flexible, have a self-healing topcoat and come with a 10-year warranty. These new generation films allow us to completely cover and protect entire vehicles.

3M Paint Protection Film is a self-healing product. While it won’t self-heal from gouging however those light swirls that come about from washes or someone using a brush or coarse towel will self-heal.

Environmental elements, road surface deterioration and debris means your vehicle is under constant attack – 3M Paint Protection Film helps keep your vehicle in that showroom condition by providing a clear protection barrier minimizing damage to your paint and ultimately protecting your investment whilst helping to maintain the resale value of your vehicle.

Use 3M Paint Protection Film on your car to protect the paint from rocks, bugs, stones, sand, harsh weather, keys, salt, rings and other elements. There’s a 100% chance something will wreck the paint on your new car. Our clear Bra tirelessly protects your paint, even when you can’t.

Protect your Paint, Protect your investment and resale value.

We are 3M’s only authorized installation dealer in the Seguin Area.

Call today to ask about all the options available for your car.

What kind of warranty is available for 3M Paint Protection Film?

While there are many brands available on the market, 3M offers a 10-year warranty. 3M also has a Service Agreement available (at an extra charge) that will guarantee that any road debris that penetrates the Clear Bra and damages the paint, will be covered up to $3,500.00 per incident plus daily car rental. No other manufacture offers such a warranty! 3M Paint Protection Film is also recognized by Car Fax as an added value for your vehicle.