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Window Tinting in San Marcos

If you are looking for a team of professionals who can tint the windows on your vehicle with ease, look no further than R.P.G. Tinting & Clear Bra. With three decades of experience in tinting the windows of family cars, luxury vehicles, and commercial trucks, we’re the company you’ve been looking for and more. Call (830) 560-0192 today!

Three Decades of Windshield Tinting Service

Over the decades, we’ve established ourselves as leaders in our industry. It’s not just our custom car work that keeps car owners coming back. It is our:

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Thorough Consultations on Windshield Tinting

We start working for you the moment we get your very first call, not the moment your vehicle enters our shop. During your consultation, we will determine which windows you want tinted, and which level of tinting film is right for your vehicle.

Only the Best Car Window Tinting Films in Our Facility

We carry a variety of window tinting films, each with different VLT (Visible Light Transmission) levels. VLT levels are the measurement of the light that comes through your windows. When we say, “How about 25% VLT for the rear windows?” You’ll know we’re suggesting a tinting film that only allows for 25% of visible window light to pass through it.

Some of the tinting films we carry include:

Tinted Windows from a Transparent Window Team

We’ve been in this business long enough to know what a customer looks for in a service provider. They want them to be transparent in all matters. They want hired professionals to level with them and be up-front about all costs and services.

As you might have guessed, that’s what we do here at R.P.G. Tinting & Clear Bra! 

The Benefits of Our Automotive Window Films

When you rely on our window tinting films and our expert installation methods, you reap many benefits. Some of these include:

Window Tinting Protects Your Car—And so Do We

We understand car window tinting, and we also have a deep understanding of vehicles overall. This allows us to perform our duties with the utmost care.

For no-hassle services, there is no one better than us!

The Fastest Turnarounds on Auto Window Tinting Service

You need your vehicle to get to and from work, to get all your groceries home, and pick up your children from school. We know just how important your vehicle is to your day-to-day life, and that is why we’ll never take longer than necessary to install window films. Once we apply the window films and test them for quality-control purposes, your vehicle will be ready for use once again. 

Treat Yourself to Tinted Windows Today!

Why not let yourself see the open road a little more clearly? Call the window experts today at (830) 560-0192. We can’t wait to work with you.